Tripoli's Non-Parade Units

Below are the units for members to participate in. Become a member of one of our great units.

  • Crusaders Knights Templar
  • DeMolay
  • Director’s Staff
  • NexGen
  • Northwoods Jacks
  • Photo Corps
  • Provost
  • Red Fez
  • Ritualistic Divan
  • Tilers
  • Transportation

The Knights Templar Unit of Tripoli Temple came into being many years ago, lapsed into inactivity, then was reactivated in 1948. Known now as the Crusaders, this Unit is made up of Past Eminent Commanders of their respective Commanderies. At the invitation of the Eminent Commander of a Constituent Commandery, the Unit will confer The Order of the Temple, together with Full Form Opening, in a Knights Templar Asylum. Rehearsals are held prior to such a presentation. This Unit is dedicated to both Templary and Shrinedom and has earned both recognition and respect for Tripoli Centers throughout the York Rite.
Director - Mike Clinnin 414-294-0238


Al Iding - (414) 258-6481

"The main mission of DeMolay is the building of better citizens and creating leaders through the development of character in young men. The very heart of DeMolay is eliminating any young man’s feeling of nothingness and giving him the feeling of somebody. Meaningful activities give each participating DeMolay a sense of satisfaction and contribution to help mankind and make the world a better place for everyone."
Frank S. Land
Dad Land

Organized in 1920 as the “Ringmasters” Unit, the Director’s Staff is responsible for preparing and setting up material and equipment for the 2nd (Hot Sands) Section of Tripoli’s Ceremonials, and operating it. Welcomed as applicants for membership are experienced electricians, carpenters, pipemen, mechanics, painters, property men scenic artists and stage hands. Director’s Staff adds its stage craft skills to other Shrine events. Meetings are held the 2nd Friday of the month in its own quarters in the Shrine Center.
Director – Rick Loch (414) 406-8230

Tripoli’s most recently chartered unit, NexGen, was formed in 2008 by a few of the Temple’s youngest members. With a dwindling membership roll and a lack of participation in member events, Tripoli was in need of fresh ideas to lure members and new prospects alike to the Temple for events. NexGen is short for Next Generation and this newly chartered unit focuses primarily on the young and new Shriners of Tripoli. This unit consists mainly of members under the age of 46, though a majority has voted more mature members in. NexGen strives to bring socialization and fun back to Tripoli with new activities and family fun. The unit plays an active role in recruiting new members through networking and the planning of Temple and offsite events, sharing with the public the many opportunities that Tripoli has to offer. The Tripoli NexGen Unit motto is: “Leave egos and attitudes at the door.”
President – Patrick Jackson 414-467-3669

A unique Unit, chartered by the Temple in 1978, the Northwoods Jacks is made up of Tripoli Nobles living in the Northwoods. The Unit, in costume and equipment, reproduces the old lumbering days of Northern Wisconsin. The Jacks’ centerpiece in parades is a set of reconstructed, authentic “Big Wheels” used to transport logs out of the woods. Marching members, accompany the “Wheels”, carry real tools of the era and dress the way the old lumberjacks did. As far as can be determined, this Unit is the only one of its kind within any Shrine Center in North America. It offers nostalgia to the older folks and living history to the youngsters.
Scott Kellog - (715) 545-2004

The Tripoli Photo corps was organized in 1963 to assure the Temple of complete photographic coverage of its activities. Made up of both professional and advanced amateur photographers, the Unit supplies pictures to the Temple’s publications, the Public Relations Committee, and the Audio-Visual Service. It also takes pictures at the request of the Potentate, such as color portraits of the Candidates. It has its own complete black-and-white darkroom in the Shrine Center and many members have their own darkrooms at home. The Unit meets the first Wednesday of the month at the Shrine Center and invites qualified Nobles to join it in serving Tripoli Temple.
Dennis Wilson - (414) 588-0855

Chartered in 1966, the Provost Unit is made up of active and retired law enforcement and fire officers, and Nobles of similar interests, and is now open to all current or new Shriners in good standing. At the direction of the Potentate, we assists with Tripoli Shrine Center security, help maintain order during Tripoli sponsored functions, and march in parades when able. The members must participate in a majority of Unit-scheduled activities. Uniforms are furnished, when available, after six months with the Unit. Meetings are held at the Tripoli Shrine Center on the lower level in the Provost Unit room, on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7PM *Dark July and August*. Our dues for this group are $10.00 annually. Activities include a picnic, annual installation/holiday party, a car show, bell ringing, Shrine Circus, onion sales, assisting to bring the flag and/or balloons out for the Shrine Game at Lambeau Field, and other events as we see fit.

Dustin Herzog - (262) 442-0381.

Organized in 1948, this unique Tripoli organization promotes the welfare of the Shrine Center and fosters good fellowship among our Shrine members. Membership is limited to Nobles of Tripoli Temple and all are invited to join. Current dues are $5.00 per year and approximately 400 Tripoli Shriners belong. The Purveyors are a vital part of the Red Fez. They sell Fezzes, Shrine items such as jewelry, and report to the Board.
RED FEZ is for every Tripoli Noble. You’re invited to join.
Chairman – Ron Hurst 262-786-8683

Organized in 1949, Tripoli’s ritualistic Divan represents the Potentate’s Divan in the presentation of the 1st and 3rd sections of the Temple’s Ceremonials. Made up of experienced ritualists, it combines dramatic skills with expert costuming and makeup to achieve a memorable exemplification for the candidates. In addition, the Unit participates with Tripoli’s other Units in such Shrine functions as parades, circuses and Shrine football games. By its nature a small Unit, the Ritualistic Divan is always seeking talented new members. Any Noble blessed with a good voice and dramatic talent who is interested in membership should contact the Director.
Curt Campagna - (414) 698-8874
ritualistic divan unit
A quiet but effective Unit, the Tripoli Tilers’ name tells it all—it “tiles” or guards against non-members witnessing the ceremonies of initiation into the Shrine and serves the same duty at the Temple’s Stated Meetings. The Unit Nobles are available to the Potentate to serve Tripoli in such other ways as he may designate. The Tilers Unit holds no regular meetings and has no dues. Applications to join are welcomed. Any Noble interested in joining the Tilers can contact a member at either a Ceremonial or a Stated Meeting. The Unit has a long-standing record of reliability and a sincere desire to serve Tripoli Temple.
Chairman – Robert D. Adams 414-462-0800
This heartfelt group assists children with transportation to, from and between our hospitals. Some of these children would not be able to afford this trip without the help of the Transportation Unit. This Unit runs strictly on donations. If you would like to become a member or make a donation of time or money please contact the Unit Director.
Frank Foti - (414) 940-5632

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