Tripoli's Parade Units

Is your community looking for units to participate in your local community parade, activity or event?
Look no further. Learn about our available units below:

  • Animals
  • Antique Auto
  • Band
  • Clowns
  • Highlanders
  • Hillbillies
  • Legion of Honor
  • Long Riders
  • Motor Corps

The Tripoli Shrine Animal Unit got its start at the 1965 Sheboygan Wisconsin Shrine Ceremonial. Bob Patterson was the first Shriner to wear an animal costume. He rented a gorilla costume, climbed aboard a go-cart and came down the street as part of the parade. For the following years, this small group rented costumes and paper mache heads from a costume supplier from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They participate in various Shrine parades and even managed to work in a hospital visitation at the two (2) local Sheboygan hospitals. At a meeting on May 5, 1966, held in Sheboygan Turner Hall, the new unit was formed and was known as the Sheboygan County Shrine Club. The unit discovered talented Green Bay artist who specialized in making paper mache cartoon caricature. The unit became a reality. The Green Bay artist was replaced by Sheboygan biology teacher, Shriner Robert Root. He was the unit's first Mickey Mouse. He constructed many of the unit's heads. The heads were made with chicken wire, paper mache, gesso, and fur.
February, 1966 - Letters from Potentate Judge Milton Meister related to the animals forming as a group and the Sheboygan County Shrine Club giving their approval and authorization to support the group.
September, 1967 - It was announced the Animal Unit expects to be affiliated with the Tripoli Clown Unit.
May, 1973 - The animals were now accepted into the Tripoli Official Family and will now be called the Tripoli animal Unit.
Tripoli Shrine Animal Unit Officers are: Director Ron Gustafson, Assistant Nathan Devermann, Secretary Aaron Fergeson, Treasurer Bob Ferguson. Cost to join is $10.00 and annual dues are $10.00. We have 2 meetings - one is Spring & Fall. We do around 12 parades a year and women and kids are welcome to join us for all events. After the parades we usually have a get together for lunch or snacks. If interested in joining you can contact any members of the animal unit.

Ron Gustafson - email: ronegustafson@yahoo.com - 920-627-4107
Bob Ferguson - email: lynda.ann.ferguson@gmail.com - 262-352-8513
Aaron Ferguson - email: aaron.v.ferguson@gmail.com - 262-232-0408
Nathan Devermann - email: nathandevermann@yahoo.com - 262-719-4673
Walking in Costume So Weak Lags may Walk The Animals are Proud to be Shrine Masons.

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Tripoli’s Antique Auto Unit was Chartered in 1978 and limits its membership to 50 Nobles. Even if he has no antique car, a Noble may join and is given a full year in which to find a vehicle which is at least 20 years old. The cars owned by the members include Model T’s and A’s, Packards, Pierce Arrows, Chevrolets, Buicks, Plymouths, and an Edsel, all looking showroom fresh. The Unit meets at the Tripoli Shrine Center on the third Monday of the month for business and to see slides and films, and hear speakers on antique cars, their parts, and accessories. Parading, touring, and family events take place throughout the year.
Director – Andy Pachefsky 414-687-7646

One of Tripoli’s oldest Units, the Band was organized in 1915 and serves our Temple by providing music in concert, parades, ceremonials, Shrine Circuses and football games, and at various public events, as well as performing for Masonic and affiliated Bodies’ functions. Its repertoire is widely varied. Within the Band is a dance band which plays “big band era” music at many Shrine social functions. If you own an instrument, can read music, and play reasonably well, you may qualify for the Band. You’ll find challenge, enjoyment, fun and fine fellowship in the Band. New members are most welcome.
Mark Pachefski - (414) 336-6053

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Clown's and Jobies 2012 - organized and recognized as a Unit of Tripoli Center in 1958, the Clowns find their greatest delight in the entertainment of children at the Shrine Circus, on the street in parades, and on their many hospital visits. Tripoli Shrine Clowns are highly visible ambassadors of Shrinedom. Any Noble who loves “children of all ages” and thrives on making others happy is welcome to apply for membership in the outstanding Unit by contacting the Director. Members will aid him in learning clown make up, costuming and the arts and crafts of clowndom.
Jerry Hersh - (414)351-4659

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Organized by William L. Black in 1973, under Potentate Emery J. Ansorge, the band was Chartered with 12 members. The Highlanders selected the Royal Stewart tartan for the band. The first uniformed appearance occurred at the 1975 Tripoli Shrine Circus.
One of the events made famous by the group is the annual Tartan Ball. Initiated in 1976, this event has filled the house every year since. Its combination of Highland music, colorful Scottish dances, food, good cheer, and social dancing has been uniquely successful. The band's many other public appearances also demonstrate not only the popularity of the band, but the energy of its members.
The Highlanders are Nobles of Tripoli Shrine Center - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Shawn Athy - (414) 304-5192

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Joe Scites - (414) 281-1905

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This Unit of Armed Forces Veterans was organized in 1955 and prides itself on being “Servicemen in the Service of Tripoli Temple”. Seen leading many parades is its Old Glory uniformed unit proudly carrying 50 flags of the United States. The members serve Tripoli in may ways, on the call of the Potentate, including driving cars for visiting dignitaries. Its membership is limited to Nobles who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States or her Allies. Ask any Legion Noble how to join. The Unit meets in the Shrine Center on the third Monday of the month and enjoys many social events during the year.
Tom Cole - (262) 786-9509

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Tripoli’s Long Riders were organized in 1986, when Noble Hans Gerlach built and donated the “Long Bike” to the Temple. The “Bike” is 97 feet long, and seats 36 Nobles. This Units very popular in parades around Wisconsin and the country, and has been as far away as Canada and the West Coast, showing off Tripoli Temple to the world. It was even featured on a Japanese TV show. Although the “Bike” seats 36 our membership is not limited. We meet on the second Wednesday of the month at the Shrine Center, and parade often.
Art Karos - (414) 628-8990

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Since its founding in 1961, the Motor Corps has been a consistent Award winner. It has six sections: Escorts – 1350cc Harley-Davidson Classic motorcycles; Rangers 50cc Mopeds; Scarabs – mini-Volkswagens powered by 5hp Briggs & Stratton 4-cycle motors, all backed up by the Quartermasters—Nobles responsible for equipment, uniforms, refreshments and transportation who ride in every parade in their personalized truck. The Unit meets the third Monday of the month, practices Tuesday evenings in summer, parades 20 times and parties twice.
Sean Schult - (662) 626-7326

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