Tripoli’s most recently chartered unit, NexGen, was formed in 2008 by a few of the Temple’s youngest members.  With a dwindling membership roll and a lack of participation in member events, Tripoli was in need of fresh ideas to lure members and new prospects alike to the Temple for events.  NexGen is short for Next Generation and this newly chartered unit focuses primarily on the young and new Shriners of Tripoli.  This unit consists mainly of members under the age of 46, though a majority has voted more mature members in.  NexGen strives to bring socialization and fun back to Tripoli with new activities and family fun.  The unit plays an active role in recruiting new members through networking and the planning of Temple and offsite events, sharing with the public the many opportunities that Tripoli has to offer.  The Tripoli NexGen Unit motto is: “Leave egos and attitudes at the door.”

President – Patrick Jackson 414-467-3669