About Us


We are a fraternity based on fun, fellowship and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and truth. There are approximately 309,000 members from 195 temples (chapters) in the United States, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Republic of Panama, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

We are men of good character who enjoy camaraderie while supporting 22 Shrine Hospitals for Children. We participate in Shrine and civic parades with our colorful uniforms, bands, clowns and many other units such as the Motor Corps.


Throughout history both the Freemasons and Shriners have had a reputation for secrecy, but our mission is straightforward. Shriners are committed to:

  • Being the premier fraternal organization for men of good character.
  • Providing attractive, quality programs and services for its members, their families and their friends in a spirit of fun, fellowship and social camaraderie.
  • Fostering self-improvement through leadership, education, the perpetuation of moral values and community involvement.
  • Serving mankind through the resources of its philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children®


Milwaukee’s Tripoli Shrine Center, an architectural replica of India’s Taj Mahal, is on the National Register of Historic Places. One of Milwaukee’s unique landmarks, since 1928. Tripoli Shrine Center, although home and headquarters to Milwaukee’s Shriners International, is available for public rental to hold events.

The Shriners, founded in New York City in 1872, are an organization composed solely of Master Masons. This is an International fraternity of members that belong to 195 Shrine Centers Worldwide. The Shrine, although known for colorful parades, circuses and clowns, has a very serious side. Since 1922, the Shrine has supported and operated a network of 22 specialized hospitals providing expert, orthopedic and burn care to children 18 and under, regardless of  the patient’s or family’s ability to pay.

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